Tuesday, March 8, 2011

conscious aging

For the younger person, it almost a sin, certainly a danger to be too much occupied with him or herself. But for the aging person it is a duty and a necessity to give serious attention to him/herself.  After having lavished its light on the world the sun withdraws its sap in order to illumine itself
Solitude opens to us the wonder of the world without noise, a world without clutter, a world purged of the social whirl. At least, for awhile, at least long enough to immerse ourselves in the balm of simply being.
Conscious aging needs support....a presence, a witness, a listener.........


Morning's Minion said...

Yes--a listener--a connected, kindred spirit sort of listener--not always the person[s] sharing our space.
Its why we blog and write long e-mail letters!

zephyr said...

For several months I visited residents who were in a care/nursing home. Fortunately I had already had some training about presence as for some years I was the social worker on a Hospice team. In the nursing home we were not working towards change as one might in another setting.It was consistent presence that made the difference.It usually takes awhile for us to learn the value of presence.