Thursday, March 10, 2011


Memory: where our vanished days secretly gather. I find that description by John O'Donohue endearing. Here is such validation of memory which as oldsters we have a lot of! Doing an oral history with your children or grandchildren, such fun and such a gift to the next generation or even the next!
We had gorgeous landscape here in western Maine for the past two days - snow then rain - the trees and shrubs were coated with ice -- every vertical plant encased in ice. It was magical. And it lasted for two days! Three of the poets in my poetry group wrote about these incredible days....."what if you woke/to a world of glass tree...." the poem begins.


Morning's Minion said...

"glass trees"--a memory of a glittering, brittle, dazzling New England 'ice storm.'

zephyr said...

My friend, the poet, read this poem at our poetry reading we did last evening at the local bookstore. We had a great many winter poems amongst us!! I had the March Day poem.