Monday, February 28, 2011

what we need to think of now!

more snow and drizzly rain of the freezing type

Today is the third time since he began cardiac rehab program that my husband, G. has not been able to attend due to weather! With all the fellow inhabitants of our town we are longing for spring and its flowers. There is relief knowing that we don't have to go out in our car - a benefit of retirement. There is anxiety associated with what are increased dangers with snow and ice at this point in life. Our dear neighbor has fallen and is now in rehab for injuries to her leg. Today there are very concrete fears and joys! So we remain in our cozy home, enjoying music, The New Yorker, and the antics of our elder and youngster cats!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

February 27, 2011


Cobalt blue,green,yellow ochre,


in a white paint box.


CWT !/2011


Like ephemeral snowflakes,

my people – friends and lovers

drift and melt

into the stream of time.

No holding onto the white and pink tulip blossoms,

no holding onto sweet yellow corn,

no holding onto the blazing sugar maple.

Now – in the snow storm

snowflakes fall, melt on my face,

bring surprising heat.

C.W. Trickett January 2011